Sunday, June 29, 2008

Enakkoru Girlfriend - Boys

Inviting applications from interested girls.. hehe kidding ;-). So that is the song. Enakkoru Girlfriend, from the super hit movie BOYS. I can say some of A R Rahman's best songs are from this movie. I have given a try for this song just to know whether I can sing songs other than Carnatic based ones. So I am expecting feedbacks from my listeners about the song,the flaws I have made in this song and how I can improve myself to become a versatile singer. :-) .Please drop your feedbacks on my new attempt. Thanks a lot!!!

Song: Girl Friend
Movie : Boys
Lyrics: Pa.Vijay
Music : A R Rahman
Singer: Karthik, Timmy, Tippu

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ezhu Swarangalum - RaveendraSangeetham

Again, a Raveendran Hit. Ezhu swarangalum, an ever green super hit in Malayalam Film song world. In this song Raveendran Master has utilized the amazing voice range of Shri.Yesudas. Rather than me writing down an essay about the song, I think the song itself will convey you :-). One more request, Please don't compare this with the original version, as this one is no where near the original one. :-)
Please listen to my version and feel free to leave your comments on this.

Movie : Chiriyo Chiri
Lyrics: Bichhu Thirumala
Music : Raveendran
Voice : Padmabhooshan Dr.K J Yesudas
Cover Version : Arun

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Ya Kunthendu - Navaraga Malika - My 25th Post.

Hi Friends,
It is my great pleasure to inform you that this is my 25th song in my blog. I am really grateful for your supports and encouragements which helped me in doing more and more songs. When I started my blog and posted my first song "Nilakaikirathu" in my own orchestration on November 18th 2006 with Roshini's guidance, I never thought it would help me this much to improve my singing, Thanks billion to Roshini. The bloging have equipped me to take over more challenging songs. My growth in the bloging field was a very slow one which any one can make out from the figures, only 25 posts with in 2 years. Still I am a kid in this field. But the lessons I got from my fellow bloggers and their songs are really invaluable, especially Murali Ramanathan, Harshan and Krishna of Cincivoice, Joseph Thomas and Murali Venkataraman.
I am thankful to all those musicians, from whom I could learn even a single Shruthi (note).
I should thank my Mridangam Master Shri.Amaravila V Padmakumar, who is officially my first Guru in the Music field. I shouldn't forget my Vocal Masters, Smt.K S Sangeetha, Shri. Vellarada T R Rajeev, Smt.Vanaja Teacher and Shri.Apsalone Sir from whom currently I am getting trained in Karnatic Vocals and Key Board.
I should extend my gratitude towards one of my ever best friends Shri. Aravind who showed me the real beauty of Ragas in music, who made me learn Ragas through his immense knowledge in this field.
How can I forget my parents who have been giving me immense support for my musical journey?
Also, I can't forget my listeners who have been giving me invaluable comments on my songs, especially BalaG Sir.
And above all, I should thank the Almighty for blessing me with such a precious gift.
Today I am trying something different. I tried to do the Saraswathi Sthuthi "Ya Kunthendu Thushara HaraDhavala" in 9 different Ragas, ie. each line in a different Raga.
The Ragas I have tried are Bhoopalam, Hamsadhwani, Hindolam, Desh, Kaanada, SindhuBhairavi, Saraswathi, Revathi and Madhyamavathi in that order. This is my humble try, please correct me if I am wrong any where. As in Narayaneeyam, "Ajnathwa The Mahathvam,Yethihanigathitham Vishvanatha Kshametha"

I dedicate this song for my dearest friend Aravind.

Ya Kunthendu Thushara Hara Dhawala
Ya Subhra Vasthravritha
Ya Veena Varadanda Mandithakara
Ya Swetha Padmasana

Ya Brahma Achyutha Shankara Prabhruthibhir
Devai Sada Poojitha
Samam Pathu Saraswathim
Bhagavathim Nishesha Jaddyapaha.

Music : Arun
Voice : Arun

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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sangeethame Amara Sallapame

"Sargam" was a classic movie in the Malayalam Film Industry, with the splendid story and superb performance by Manoj K Jayan, Vineeth and Rambha. This time I am trying a song from "Sargam". "Sangeethame Amara Sallapame" is a very famous song and a tough one as well. With the words from the Pen of Shri.Yusuf Ali Kechery, the veteran song writer and with the music of Shri.Bombay Ravi.
Ravi Shankar Sharma, better known by his first name Ravi, has composed music for several Hindi and Malayalam films. After a successful career in Hindi films, he took a break from 1970s to 1984, and made a successful comeback as Bombay Ravi.
Shri.Bombay Ravi is famous for his melodies he made for Malayalam film industry. His first movie was Panchagni. The songs "saagarangale" and "aa raatri maanju poyi" were super hits. All the songs from the malayalam movie "Vaisali" released in 1989 were super hits and Chithra won National Award for the song "Indupushpam Choodi Nilkum" from the same movie. All His melodies are simple and soothening, no wonder they are still toppers in the list of Malayalam melodies.
I have tried to show justice to the original song rendered so wonderful by Malayalee's Dasettan (Dr.K J Yesudas), the rest I am leaving to my listeners. :-)
Movie : Sargam
Lyrics: Yusuf Ali Kechery
Music Director: Bombay Ravi
Singer: Padmabhooshan Dr.K J Yesudas
Cover Version : Arun

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