Saturday, January 27, 2007

...Manjalayil Mungi Thorthi...

Hi Friends,
I’m presenting a very nostalgic song from the most romantic singer in the Malayalam music world, Shri. P Jayachandran. The song “Manjalayil Mungi Thorthi” from the film “Kalithozhan (1966)” is his first song which was a huge hit and now also the song is living in the hearts of romantic youth.The lyrics is given by the Most Veteran P Bhaskaran Mashu. His words were moulded with Devarajan Master’s magical notes to give an all time favourite Jayachandran Hit.
Shri.P Jayachandran :A contemporary of the all time great Yesudas, who has ruled the South Indian music world for more than 40 years, P Jayachandran has carved his own style and
till now has around 15000 recorded songs to his credit in Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada and Telugu. Though not a classical singer, Jayachandran with his sweet and romantic voice has made light film music memorable with his immortal love songs which always tingle young hearts Jayachandran is considered to be the most suited and god-gifted singer of love songs and is fondly called the "Bhava Gayakan". For Jayachandran, age too has not been a barrier over the years of singing. Indeed his voice is getting younger with the passing of time just as love and music are ageless and his love songs are immortal creations of God.
He has won National and State awards for the best playback singer many times. His national award was for the song "Sivasankara Sarva Saranya Vibho" from the film "Sree Narayana Guru". I've tried to show justice to the original song.Please hear this song and leave ur valuable comments.

Film – Kalithozhan (1966)
Lyrics – P Bhaskaran
Music – G Devarajan
Voice - P Jayachandran
Blog Singer – Arun G S

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

...Unarumee Ganam...

Hi Friends.
This time I am presenting a sweet melody from the ever hit maker “G Venugopal”. Whenever a Keralite hears the name “G Venugopal”, the song “Unarumee Ganam” comes to his mind first. Such a haunting melody it is, that no one can stop hearing it, when once heard. The rich lyrics given by Sreekumaran Thampi and the elegant music given by the Maestro Ilayaraja combined with the sweet voice of Venu Chettan gave this ever memorable, ever haunting melody for Malayalam film industry. Venu Chettan won Kerala State Government Award for the best Play Back Singer in 1988.The song is from “Moonnam Pakkam”. I think its not necessary to write anything about this song, as everyone is familiar with this song. I’ve tried to bring that feel in this song and the judgement is Yours.

Film : Moonnam Pakkam
Lyrics : Sreekumaran Thampi
Music : Ilayaraja
Voice : G Venugopal
Blog Singer : Arun G S

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

...Velmuruka Haro Hara...

Hi Friends...
Here comes a "Super Fast" number from me. The song from the most energetic and melodious singer , M G Sreekumar. The song "Velmuruka" is from Lalettan's (Mohan Lal) Film, Naran. A real peppy number. Whenever Sri. M G Sreekumar sings for the legend Mohan Lal , the song becomes a huge hit. And the situation here is also not different. The combination of the Classmates (Mohan Lal And M G Sreekumar) has given many such hits to Malayalam Film Music.
The music of the song is done by Deepak Dev.This Song is the life of the album. It has a larger-than-appeal energy much like the film's hero Mohanlal. The beats are wholesome and heavy. M G Sreekumar's robust voice matches that.
The grant lyrics is given by the great lyricist Kaithapram Damodaran Namboothiri , who is one of the most eminent song writers in Malayalam who can impart any emotions in his words, whether its Romance, Sorrow, Pleasure, anything.And when the trio united, a very nice song got birth and when Mohan Lal joined with them , the song reached a great height in picturisation also.
This song was one of my hits in my college. I've tried to bring that energy in the song which is a tough task.Please Hear the song and correct my mistakes.

Film : Naran
Lyrics: Kaithapram
Music : Deepak Dev
Voice : M G Sreekumar
Blog Singer : Arun G S

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...Arun G S...

Sunday, January 7, 2007

...Kanne Kalaimane...

Hi Friends...
Here comes a lullaby from me...The great song Kanne Kalaimane from the legend Kamal Hassan's Moonram Pirai...An ever green super hit of Raja Sir (Ilayaraja) and Dasettan (Dr.K J Yesudas) and voice by these geniuses respectively and the lyrics of the ever greatest Kaviyarasu Kannadasan...
...A sorrow behind this song...

In 1980, Kannadasan was not feeling well and was getting prepared to leave for Chicago for medical treatment. It was at this time that the film MOONRAM PIRAI was in the making. Ilayaraja sent for a song, and Kannadasan gave the song. That was the last song of the greatest poet the cine field had ever seen. As soon as Ilayaraja received the lyrics, he was overcome with untold sorrow. Ilayaraja himself is a writer of lyrics. He read and re- read the lyrics and sought to grasp the hidden meaning. Ilayaraja somehow had a premonition that this song would be the very last song from Kannadasan. He felt that Kannadasan had a message that he was leaving the Music lovers forever. That song was needed for a moving situation in the movie. In a very moving mood, Ilayaraja composed music for that song. And true enough Kannadasan never came back.This was the great poet's last song.
That last song of the poet brought crowning fame to Ilayaraja as the Music Director, Dasettan as the most appropriate singer, and by extension to Kamal Hasan as the one who provided lip movements. Dasettan had a great liking for this song.
I've tried to show justice to the song and the legends. Please hear the song and correct me...
Film : Moonram Pirai
Lyrics : Kannadasan
Music : Ilayaraja
Voice : Padmabhooshan Dr. K J Yesudas
Blog Singer : Arun G S

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