Monday, May 26, 2008

Ilayanila Pozhihirathe

Finally, I could record a song after 2 weeks of very bad time with a cold and throat infection.I had planned to record this beautiful, energetic song of Raja Sir and SPB Sir just after my last song but I could do it only yesterday. I should say, it is a strong thrust of inspiration from the wonderful singer Shri.Ajay Warrier, that made me record this song inspite of my illness (now I am perfectly alright I think ;-)). I happened to listen to this song in Ajay's voice on last Sunday, when there was a concert of him with his cousins Shri.Jaideep and Mridula,Amritha TV SuperStars, in Bangalore, and I couldn't wait anymore to do my next song. It came out as a great inspiration for me, Thanks a billion to Shri.Jaideep for inviting me for the show. All the three were in a constructive competition among each other to make the show a massive success. Starting with a mindblowing Ganapathy Sthuthi in Hamsadhwani Ragam and "Shankara" from "Shankarabharanam" in Ajay's voice, through Jaideep's "Sangeethame Amarasallapame","Kainiraye Vennatharam", Mridula's "Konjum Nilavu", "Unarunaru", and kannada duet with Ajay etc,evergreen hits like "Pramadavanam", "Thenum Vayampum" etc, duets like "Kolakkuzhal vili", "Vaaji" from Shivaji, "Aajkal there mere pyar" of Jaideep and Mridula and Dappankuthu songs ;-) like "Randakka" from "Anniyan", and reaching the end of that wonderful feast with "Kuttanadan Kayalile" from Ajay and Jaideep (only a few among the list of songs). It was a splendid experience for each single person in that audience, for sure.About this song and the creators of this song, I think there is no need of mentioning, as this is a super hit from the Trio Vairamuthu-Ilayaraja-SPB. The lyrics is the main attraction of this song, in my view.Ofcourse Music is the life giving factor of a song, still. "Mugavarikal thavariyadhal azhuthidumo athu mazhayo", who can create such lyrics other than Vairamuthu!!! When the lyrics got moulded with Raja Sir's music and heard through the voice of SPB Sir, one can't just stop listening to it again and again. I don't know whether I could do a bare minimum justice to those Legends, the judgement is from my listeners.Please hear my version of this song and correct me.
Thanks a lot to Shri.Krishna Prasad who has given me an honest feedback on the previous file and made me re-record the song.

Movie : Payanangal Mudivathillai

Lyrics : Vairamuthu
Music : Ilayaraja
Voice : SPB
Cover Version : Arun

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Neelagiriyude Sakhikale...

When Balaji Sir, my orkut friend asked me to try this song, I was wondering how come I didn't sing this song yet!!! This was one of my favourite songs in my school days. I might have sung this song a thousand times in my bathroom ;-).So when I tried to sing this song, from setting up the devices till I completed mixing, it took hardly an hour. This is the first song in my blog which I have sung in a single shot, and which I had to sing only once. :-). This most beautiful song from the film "Pani theeratha veedu" is done in the most beautiful and romantic Ragam "Mohanam".The lyrics for this song came from the pen of Kerala's own poet Late Shri.Vayalar Rama Varma, and when it was moulded with the music of M S Viswanathan sir and heard through the Kerala's one and only "Bhava Gayakan" P Jayachandran Sir, an evergreen hit in Malayalam film music took birth.
Thanks a lot Balaji Sir, for reminding me about this beautiful song. Thanks a lot to my friends who have tried to get me the original version of the song which at last my Father got it for me from one of His friends :-).
Please listen to my version of Neelagiriyude Sakhikale, and correct me. :-)
Film: Pani theeratha veedu
Lyrics: Vayalar Rama Varma
Music: M S Viswanathan
Voice: P Jayachandran
Blog voice: Arun.

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