Friday, November 23, 2007

♪...Udichuyarnnu Mamalamele...♪

Hi Friends,
I am back in the blogger's family after a long time.I am very much Thankful for the support and appreciation I got from you for my songs.
Since I am posting a song after a long gap, I thought of it to be a Devotional Song. And as it is the Sabarimala Season, I opted one of the most beautiful Ayyappa Devotional Songs "Udichuyarnnu Mamalamele". I wished to sing this song in many of my stage programmes, but due to some reason or the other, it didn't happen yet. So I am pretty excited to post this song.
Lack of practise is there in the song, still I feel I could show a bare minimum justice to the original song.Please listen to the song and post your valuable comments.

Song: Udichuyarnnu Mamalamele
Lyrics: Chowallur KrishnanKutty
Music: Gangai Amaran
Singer: Padmabhooshan Dr. K J Yesudas
Blog Singer : Arun G S

Listen the song