Thursday, March 8, 2007

... Aalilathaliyumayi - Raveendran Magic ...

Again Raveendran Magic , through this sweet song. The lyrics was given by Vayalar Sarathchandra Varma , the young poet of the era and gave voice by the most celebrated singer P Jayachandran.

Vayalar Sarathchandra Varma loves to remain in its comforting shade; it is for him a tangible presence of his father, lyricist Vayalar Rama Varma. "For someone who came to realise the greatness of his father quite late, every sign, every word about him becomes valuable. Comparisons to my father have always been there. His reputation, his greatness, like a shadow, has always been there. But it has not bothered me. For I know that I'm here only to complete a job he left incomplete," says Sarath, who is now firmly set on his mission.

This song has a good life which was imparted by the music of Raveendran Mashu. I've tried to keep that life. Its very difficult to sing Mashu's song and I'll be very tensed when singing His songs. I've tried my level best to show justice to the legend. Please hear the song and leave your valuable comments.

Film : Mizhirandilum.
Lyrics : Vayalar Sarathchandra Varma
Music : Raveendran Master
Voice : P Jayachandran
Blog Singer : Arun G S

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