Saturday, April 18, 2009

Siva Panchakshari - Own Composition

After 2 months of bad time with Laryngitis, throat infection and what not, huh!, I am back. :-). Ya, it was a real bad time for me I can't believe that I have spent more than 3 weeks without singing a single line!!! Now I am undergoing Voice Therapy under Dr. Jayakumar, KIMS Trivandrum, I am regaining my voice and pace. I am slowly starting my singing again. I have tried Siva Panchakshari this time. Siva Panchakshari or Siva Panchakshara Sthothram is praising Lord Siva with 5 Slokas each starting with letters "Na", "Ma", "Si", "Va", and "Ya" respectively which put together become "Namasivaya" which is called Siva Panchaksharam (5 letters). I tried composing the Sthotram in 5 different Ragas - Hamsanandi, Darbar Kanada (based), Revathi, SindhuBhairavi and as usual ending with Madhyamavathi. Be it in concerts or in my practise sessions, I end it with Madhyamavathi Ragam, as it is believed that Madhyamavathi has the ability to wash off all the faults in the singing till then. So, that is an anticipatory bail ;-). I know some of the faults I have made, waiting to know more. :-). This can be considered as my second start.
I am dedicating this as an offering to Lord Maheshvara, who has made me take this effort!
Expecting all your prayers and encouragement! Gurubhyon Namah! Ohm Namah Sivaya!

Download the song


Ravi Chandran said...

great composition and powerful voice.

You Rock !

Paras said...

This goes on my desktop.Finding faults with like finding a needle in a haystack. is a beautiful composition and beautiful rendition. Liked the last Aum the best, great "breath control". Your laryngitis is gone. If it is any solace, I have not recorded anything for four months now....laryngitis!

Rahul said...


It was truly divine feeling :-) Composition was really great. Rendered with strong conviction and involvment.